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Honest Flexible Guidance to Build Your Business Better

Setting Up Your Business Better

Businesses have to have an organized plan for every stage of their business.

We have a 101 Questions that should be asked before you start, during the building stage and in the growth stage.

Managing Your Business Better

 Design encompasses several options for business owners.

The goal is to get to a semi-automated system for generating leads, managing those leads and following up with those leads effectively.

Filling in the Gaps

Let’s go thru our 25 item checklist to see where your copmany has gaps. This could be anything from sufficient insurance to missing operations SOPs. 

Let’s Get Techical..

Let’s discuss, audit and review your online profile. We will take a look at your website, sales, marketing, ecommerce and more and optimize it in short bursts to improve anything that needs improving.

Our Services

At Small Business Stephen we strive to provide a range of services that most small businesses can use.

Currently, I can offer specific services for full stack web development, e-commerce setup and maintenance, merchant services consulting and eventually SQL database query management. By early Spring I will be proficient in Python and JavaScript programming. I look forward to offering these services full time.

In addition I offer several other services like a due diligence audit to go through a company’s current structure, insurances, Employee Handbooks and company SOP’s

• Full Stack Web Development
• E-Commerce Setup and Maintenance
• Merchant Serves Consultant (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
• Brilliant Directories ( Setup and Maintenance
• Business Structure Audit/Due Diligence – Incorporation setup to Insurance audit to operations management

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