About Us

Hi, my name is Stephen Parkes.

I created this company to impart on you information I have learned, gathered and find very insightful when it comes to starting, building and growing a business.

Since my first business about 30 years ago I have learned a great deal about starting, building and growing a business.  I had several opportunities to work with and help family businesses grow their products and customers through new changing techniques.

In this website I will have several resources. Some will be FREE, some downloads as well.  There will be other PAID resources that will contribute to the success of this website.

I will have a course or two that teaches how to make a business plan, mind map your business and put a strategy together to start and build a new or existing business.

I will also help you manage your leads by introducing you to a CRM software platform that will help store your leads, help follow and close your leads with a bit of sales automations.

As your business grows you MUST learn new skills to keep ahead of what your business will need at every stage of growth. I am here to help guide you along that journey.

Come and join me on this journey of business discovery. You will learn many things that should be considered and completed before you start a business. You will learn lots through the building phase and certainly more during your business growth phase.

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