Our Services

At Small Business Stephen we strive to provide a range of services that most small businesses can use.

Currently, I can offer specific services for full stack web development, e-commerce setup and maintenance, merchant services consulting and eventually SQL database query management. By early Spring I will be proficient in Python and JavaScript programming. I look forward to offering these services full time.

In addition I offer several other services like a due diligence audit to go through a company’s current structure, insurances, Employee Handbooks and company SOP’s

• E-Commerce Setup and Maintenance
• Merchant Services Consultant (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) Clover, POS, etc
• Brilliant Directories – Membership, Community Style (ww.briliantdirectories.com) Setup and Maintenance
• Business Structure Audit/Due Diligence – Incorporation setup to Insurance audit to operations management


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