You are here for several reasons. Youare starting a new business and want to learn what I have to offer as new information for you.  Canada and the USA differ when setting up a business but the way you setup a business are very similar.  We will cover these points for each and provide resources for you to fast track your success.

Questions for both jurisdictions will e presented in a simple checklist format. There will be definitions and examples of what terms are used to identify stages in the setup phase.

Resources we have available will be PDF downloads. Some are FREE, some are not. A small fee is payable to cover development and distribution cost.

We will ask for your name and email in order to keep in touch. We do want to let you know when we have added a new document that will help you along your journey.

When we get to the building stage of your business there will be alot more sales & marketing material to download.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you learn and grow with us as your business becomes successful.